Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Well, I want to spend christmas and my birthday in Dothan. And introduce PJ to the fam. Now just have to find. 416.00 dollars for the ticket. I have half of it. Oh well might have to try something different because this price will probably go up. Darn!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My recovery from knee surgery is going well. I found out that the doctor had to save what he could of the cartelidge under my knee cap.. If he hadn't repaired what he did I wouldn't have anything left and would probably have to have a knee replacement.
Obviously this is really stressing me out. The continuous swelling is not helping either. I am trying really hard not to push myself. I am trying to do what I have been told.
But I am very stressed, and its causing me to feel somewhat helpless. I am also wondering if I have really bad luck, or if god is just not listening.
I had a friend tell me that I am just confused, and struggling with my faith and with many things.
I wanted to say tell me something I didn't know.
Even though things are bleak and seems like I have hit the bottom of some dark hole in a dark place. I still find my little thread of hope and one possitive thing that will help me grow and feel thankful.
Today was the friendships and the beautiful day that I was thankful for.
Now I am going to go and enjoy a book and get a goodnight sleep. I am leaving everything to someone who is in control. That isn't me.
Have a blessed night and I will post more often.

hope continued

After reading my earlier post from today. I still have more to say.
Hope is something that you never get rid of. Even when it seems like there isn't any hope. There is a little tiny thread that eventually becomes longer. Hope is also something restorative. Its also a source of strength.
There have been many times where I felt hopeless. Even as soon as during recent times. But then there is that tiny thread or a tiny glimmer, that you are able to reach for. And, usually I begin to think that the things that I have lost my hope in aren't as bad as others. I begin to see how lucky I am and that the little thread of hope will replace the huge wall of hopelessness and continue to grow from there. India Arie has stated in a song there's hope. the lyrics reminds us all to continue to be grateful for what we have and to think of all of those that have nothing but hope and they still find a way to smile.


Never let words distroy your self-esteem. It is hard when you care about someone. Especially when you care about the person. Words don't have power to hurt you, unless that person means a lot to you.
But always remember that you are a good person. Hopefully, you will have a lot of good friends that will keep reminding you oof the fact that you are a wonderful and good person.

where is the hope

I am feeling not very hopeful about anything. I have just been going through the motions. I am afraid to hope any more. It seems that everytime I hope I get let down and end up hurt as well.
Why should I bother? What is the reason for hope?
As much as I want to not have hope, there is a part of me that really wants to hold on to a little thread of hope. I guess this is good.

cryBlog title...

Things have been somewhat rough for me. I have cried some. But I haven't cried a lot. I haven't had one of those really good cries where everything is just soaked and I have used lots of tissues. Aftewards, I have this wonderful feeling of relief and feel stronger.
As wone we are not supposed to cry. Many femaninests believe that crying is a sign of weakness. We shouldn't cry at all. I know that for me its the best thing and a stress reliever.
I was talking too a friend that informed me that its okay to be emotional. She sent me the following: CRYING Doesn't mean you're weak, it means you've been too strong for too long.
This is so true and made me feel better about letting myself cry. Now its to the point where I can't really cry any more.


Relationships come in all types. There is also lots of advice about relationships. Here are Keys to A GREAT RELATIONSHIp and ten ways to love

1. Friendship
2. Honesty
3. Trust
4. Communication
5. Understanding
6. Freedom
10 ways to love

Thursday, October 20, 2011

found out today that the doctor had two choices, remove the second piece with the tears in it completely.He chose to repair it. Besides, if he removed this piece, there woud be nothing under my knee cap.
Now there is a lot of swelling that is all over my leg and ankle. I just keep saying that it will end and I will be back to normal. They finally thinking that the blood clot history. I no it won't happen again. I know I don't get second chances with things. this will be the case here. Noone i
Friendships can be special, they can be a blessing, and they can be a grate support system. Then friendships can be hurtful, lonely, and unsupportive. I have had many people come and go in my life. I have grown and learned from many of them Those who have stayed around are a big support and are very special too me. Those who have left and those who are leaving will always be in my memory. I will move on and wish you well and hope that you will find happiness. This is the most mature way to handle this. Its not worth it or in my nature to take the immature way out spending time trying to hurt those who are leaving my life. My time is spent in better ways.
As a quote sent to me long ago states, "Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons." I consider myself very grateful and blessed to have the people who are my blessings in my life. Those who are lessons, and those who will become a lesson I can only say thank you and again wish you well. I will always be there for you when and if you need me.
My fake friends I feel hurt by you and yet angry with me because I believed you. eventually, you will leave my life and won't be missed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

still recovering. Have a minor set back. The swelling won't subside. Its spread to my ankle. The good news is that I finally got the stitches out today. Its still painful though.