Sunday, October 23, 2011

hope continued

After reading my earlier post from today. I still have more to say.
Hope is something that you never get rid of. Even when it seems like there isn't any hope. There is a little tiny thread that eventually becomes longer. Hope is also something restorative. Its also a source of strength.
There have been many times where I felt hopeless. Even as soon as during recent times. But then there is that tiny thread or a tiny glimmer, that you are able to reach for. And, usually I begin to think that the things that I have lost my hope in aren't as bad as others. I begin to see how lucky I am and that the little thread of hope will replace the huge wall of hopelessness and continue to grow from there. India Arie has stated in a song there's hope. the lyrics reminds us all to continue to be grateful for what we have and to think of all of those that have nothing but hope and they still find a way to smile.

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