Monday, November 7, 2011

gnfbco convention.

This past weekend I attended the Nfb of colorado convention. I must be honest. I wasn't looking forward to this convention at all. My attitude until a few days before convention was not very favorable. I was just going to go and fulfill my commitments and have just a little fun. After discussing this with my therapist and in a group session, I let myself develop a better outlook on the convention. I also must say that I have not ever dreaded going to any national or state convention. I also somewhat regretted going to national convention. But I focused on those that I spent time with there and the regret wasn't as strong.
With my new outlook in hand, I went to convention. I actually got the boost that I always got from attending conventions. It had been a long time since I have gotten this at a convention. Many of you understand what I am talking about, that feeling of motivation. It was really good to reconnect with old friends, and continue to build new friendships. If I had not gone to convention, I would have missed out on so much and would have only deprived myself. I also wouldnt have gotten to meet an online friend luann in person and to spend time with her. I wouldn't have redescovered my commitments to myself, or the commitments to other people who are blind and or visually impaired. Finally, I wouldn't have gotten to laugh as much as I did this weekend. So now, I am happy that I went to convention. I fulfilled my commitments. I reconnected with friends, and met new ones. And, most of all I laughed a lot.
So thank you to all of you who helped me this weekend. There are just too damned many of you to name. But you all know who you are. Big smile. Oh and for those who got on my case because I said that I hated elvis. I will tone the word down and say, I really dislike Elvis! Yes, I know he has a couple of good songs. But I still dislike him. Here is a tidbit for you all. Elvis is good music for someone going through a manic and bipolar episode. I learned that from a former roommate.