Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fifty shades

there is a lot of hype concerning the fifty shades trillogy.  I like to read things like this at time.  So I was planing to read one of the three books and then make my decision.  However, I believe that many people are wanting to read this book because of it being banned in places, and they hear about the sex in the book.  Oh and because others are reading it.  I wonder if the big hoopla is because a woman allows herself to be a sex slave is why its such a horrible book.  This is a touchy subject and its out of the box.  It doesn't surprise me that a book where a woman chooses to express her sexuality would be rideculed. 

NFB CO: The Voice: Boycott Goodwill Industries

NFB CO: The Voice: Boycott Goodwill Industries: The following link a press release from the National Federation of the blind urging the boycott of Goodwill Industries.  Although Goodwill ...