Sunday, April 4, 2010

My health

Well, last thursday I had an MRI. During my return trip home. The paratransit bus driver gave me a very nice compliment. This occurred during a comversation about the reason for my MRI. During this comversation he asked me what did I want to happen. I told him that I felt that I hope that they can find a little something, and if they didn't then that was okay. I just wouldn't know why my headaches were still bad. He asked me did I pray about the procedure. I said that, thy will be done. The comversation continued, and he finally said to me, "you have a woderful, strong and loving spirit. I usually would say thank you and go on about my business. However, this statement meant something and really touched me. Many times I feel like god isn't listening, and or I have to wait for my turn to come, or I wonder why I am going through so much, or receive any kid of blessings or good luck. After all of this I still hold on to that something inside me that keeps me clinging to my faith and spiritual belief. Just a compliment that started me really looking at my life and my spirituality. Today celebrates the resurrection of christ. I do have lots of feelings about and am still struggling with the idea of what easter means to me. But its still a special day too me. Happy easter to all.

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