Thursday, April 1, 2010

health and faith

Over the years I have develop many health diffeculties. I have weathered each storm as it has come. Then I would accept whatever diffeculty came my way. Last week when I was home visiting mom. I said to her I am on so many medicines. Mom's response to me was that at least I am living. She is so right. This is what had me thinking about the role faith plays in our lives. If I didn't have my spiritualness and my faith. I wouldn't have anything. I also think that my health diffeculties would really bring me down. This is why I have also been blessed with friends and family that lift me up and make me see that hiding in the house isn't an option. That is what my sister/friend Mary atwell told me in different words, when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. She told me this because she cares and she was right. Hiding isn't an option. I am glad that she did say this. Marty also stood by me when I received the diagnosis. So did shannon and solsticesinger, and many others. So during this easter weekend I am blessed to have an enormous family. Not just my blood family but also people that are just like family. Even without being related by blood. So I am very thankful for this.

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