Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I spent the past weekend at the Nfb of colorado state convention.  During this conference.  I found myself nearly in tears.  Some of the events on saturday made me remember what happened too me.  I also rmembered what my dreams was and how I worked so hard to make it come true. 
Now that I am home and alone.  I am wondering how I can make my dream a reallity again, or how I can either rebuild the past dream, or begin building a new one with things that I am currently doing.
I have no support for me even thinking about re-opening my painful wounds from the time that my masters in severe needs vision was terminated.  I have to decide whether to continue to let that go, or to put myself thru the pain againl.  I really have to think this through.  The shortage of teachers of blind students have me thinking about this more. 
The nfb of colorado didn't help me at all.  So this weekend I questioned whether I should go somewhere else and just leave colorado.  as I look at mhy support system here in colorado.  I believe that leaving colorado might be something that I need to do for mhyself and for me to get a new start.  I think I may have run out of things here to support me. 
One good thing has come out of this is that I am returning to my writing. 

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