Thursday, January 28, 2010

single life II.

Did some thinking on my post last night. I even did a little research as well. I didn't find books with a single woman character in it. Yes, helen keller was single. But people made a big deal about her being single.
I also got many comments on my post. Thank you all for the comments, support, and the prayers. Its good to know that its okay to be single. Its okay to live a fullfilling life as a single person.
I am still continuing to look for single disabled women characters in literature. Just for fun. I am not going to let this turn into an obsession.
Furthermor, I intend to be more thankful and happy about my single life. Hmm, may be I have come up with a reading challenge for myself. finding and reading books that have single women as characters. Second, find and read books with single women with a disability, or disabilities.

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