Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blind Missouri couple is getting their baby girl back! my thoughts and commentary on this issue.

Yes, and thank goodness. Blind Missouri couple is getting their baby girl back, tomorrow!!! CPS wrongfully took the baby girl before they could leave the hospital, 2 months
ago, just because the couple was blind! Judge was appauled! Luckily, this is coming to a happy ending, but this situation happens more than people realize. Unfortunately, society still have lots of misconceptions concerning blind people. This is why we still have cases like this. However, as blind people, many of us believe in these misconceptions as well. one major misconception is that sight is always better. For example, You should only marry a sighted persohn. Sighted kids must take care of their blind parents. Even Educators of children who are blind emphasize this idea of sight being better. I was told many times that sighted people never ask for help. Having sight is crucial to everything. I have experienced this more than once in my life. As recently as last summer.
I had a woman doctor assume that because I am totally blind that I would not be able to tell what was going on with my body. She asked me, how did I know that I was having my monthly cycle. In other words, How did I know this being that I am totally blind.
I am aware that we live in an ocular centric world and we are viewed as outcasts and as misfits. However, will we ever fit in to this culture? I believe that we will always be striving to fit in because we have to use different ways to see things. This is something that a totally sighted person does not have to do at all. Even whin you have some sight you still have to struggle and face many types of discrimination. Many people probably think that you are faking your vision problems. People may also think that since you have some sight, you must help out those who are blind. This treatment also strengthens the misconception that any sight is better than being blind.
This story has a happy ending. But I am sure there is another story like this occurring right now as I write this. May be as blind and visually impaired people, whin we start not supporting this idea of sight means better. then this story and many others may stop occuring. Its a dream that may come true someday. However, I am very skeptical. Yet, supportive of taking the steps to live successfully in this ocular centric world, and culture.
Anyone agree or disagree with me? Please share.

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